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September 21st, 2009

Collaboration is the key to success in the present information technology revolution. Microsoft’s SharePoint provides an easy to develop applications using their MOSS 2007 Kit. Many leading organizations are maintaining their HR Data in Oracle-Peoplesoft HCM and SAP. It is vital for an organization to stream line and improve their productivity by using collaborative applications. One such initiative would be seamless integration of Microsoft SharePoint with an organization’s Enterprise Resource Planning products such as PeopleSoft.

Problem Statement
To integrate Oracle–Peoplesoft with Microsoft SharePoint.

Previous Options
Office Business Application (OBA) Kit from Microsoft

  • Enabling one way communication between PeopleSoft and SharePoint using Business Data Catalog (BDC)
  • Intermediate database maintenance
  • Intermediate file I/O options as in legacy integrations.

Praxis Solution
Exposing the Peoplesoft components as Component Interface based web services and using forms developed in Microsoft InfoPath to create / read / update records in Peoplesoft from within the SharePoint Site Collection.

Benefit 1

To establish seamless and real-time communication between Peoplesoft and SharePoint. No scheduled batch process to synchronize the data between the two systems.

Benefit 2

Peoplesoft WebPart in SharePoint enables direct access to Peoplesoft pages for the users to create / read / update the records. Ease of use by HR manager or Finance Officer in an organization.


  • Identification of Oracle-Peoplesoft components to be used by the application created using Microsoft SharePoint
  • Handling security and exposing the identified Peoplesoft components as component interface based web services (wsdl files)
  • Add the created wsdl file as web references in the created SharePoint based application and expose the methods (Create/Update/Delete/View) to be used by the SharePoint Application.
  • Create WebPart containing the navigation menu’s of Peoplesoft so that the user can access the Peoplesoft pages from within the SharePoint site collection.


By integrating SharePoint and Peoplesoft using the web services, any functional application could be developed in SharePoint using the PeopleSoft as a Data Source. For example: Peoplesoft Enterprise Budget module can be integrated with a SharePoint site so that the Department heads can view the details about the project operation costs and their own department budget from within their Microsoft Outlook window or from within the SharePoint site without being wanting to log into PeopleSoft.

In short, the communication provides a way to build applications in Peoplesoft areas like HR Recruiting, Payroll, Time and Attendance, Budget Management and using the document management features as well as workflow features of Microsoft SharePoint.

Comments (2)

Ara - December 31st, 2010

Hello, I want integrate MOSS 2007 with PeopleSoft. I want to peroform both read and write into peoplesoft.What will be the best approach for integration. Also plz tell me ..How can i enable the SSO in this case. Thanks In Advance.

Ara - December 30th, 2010

How can we enable the SSO in this case

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