Not able to view record in PeopleSoft Query Manager!!

Posted by Nitin Pai
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September 3rd, 2007

Sometime back, I was approached with a request from a developer who had created a new record in Application Designer but was not able to view this record in Query Manager. So in this post, I will demonstrate the steps required to view a new or existing record in Query Manager. Below steps are from Tools version 8.47.02.

  1. New record HX_TEST has been created and we would like to use it in our PS Query.
  2. Navigate to PeopleTools > Security > Query Security > Query Access Manager
  3. Search for the Tree which should have access to this record.


  1. Click on the hyperlink and add the record HX_TEST


  1. Open the appropriate Permission List which has access to HX_TEST_TREE and click on the Query tab


  1. Click on Access Group Permissions


  1. Verify the access


  1. Open PeopleSoft Query Manager and you should have access to this new record.



Note that this activity is the realm of PeopleSoft Security Administrator since it needs careful analysis of the question


Comments (1)

arun - November 11th, 2009

Thanks this worked for me

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