My journey - From Web Development into the world of Unix and PeopleSoft!

Posted by Vijayakumar Chinnasamy
May 24th, 2007

Long long ago, I started my software career as a web developer who wrote coding on Perl CGI and running them using Apache….. Good or bad, I forgot most of the coding part now, except If I see part of the code, I am able differentiate whether this is a shell script or a perl script. And one more skill(really?) that, I developed was to understand the script based on the extension provided to the script or program whether that is a shell script, perl script or python script (.sh,.ksh,.csh,.pl,.py sometimes .bash)…

We were using a Linux distribution at that time (I hope it was Redhat 6.x or 7.x something), that was one more reason why I am talking always about perl, shell or python here..  All I want to say here is, I am not a developer and only a small potion of my life, I was associated with coding… thats all.

Believe me, I really do not know what was the ‘exact’ reason why I moved to Unix Administration after a short ‘webo’ experience… I believe there may be reasons, one of them was my engineering background (Chemical Engineering – dont ask me why I moved to computers, that is another good topic for research!), I got bored with coding work. Moving to unix, full time, was purely a decision taken by myself based on my personal liking.

I used HP_UX during my college days and was developed a huge interest with Unix at that time. Then I got Sun Certified (both System Admin and Network Admin for the Solaris 8 Operating Environment). I tried to become Redhat certified (and failed with 25% score, I didn’t retry again!). I did a lot of setup, configurations, etc on Solaris. After that I become certified in HP_UX with System Administration as well. Just after that, one more miracle happened, I moved to a new project as a Peoplesoft Administrator. This time, It was not my decision, a decison whether rational or irrational, I do not know, taken based on Organizational requirement ( Herbert Simon may call it as “Organizationally rational decision” in his Decision-making model).  And I still continue doing Unix, Peoplesoft and some more bunch of software support.

Nobody is an expert in any areas, especially if you take Unix and Peoplesoft, they are like Ocean, but there is an end always on what we know. We need constant updates from Industry about latest progress, new releases, etc. Some of the operating systems that Peoplesoft runs are Sun Solaris OE (Version 10 being latest), IBM AIX 5L, HP_UX 11i and Microsoft’s OS’s. I worked mostly on Sun Solaris, IBM AIX and HP_UX during my career till now, along with PeopleSoft Infrastructure involved, so most of my experiences that I am going to write here, will be related to this cluster of software.

If you provide Peoplesoft infrastructure support and you want to be an expert, obviously two non-peoplesoft components that you should know well, the Operating System and the DBMS system. These are like two eyes for a PeopleSoft infrastructure support person, for one who provide either infrastructure support or architectural support for a Peoplesoft environment. In most of my blogs I will talk about Unix and PeopleSoft (I know only about this). I will write more on this on coming days on this blogs. Hope you will enjoy reading about them. 🙂

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