Posted by Vijayakumar Chinnasamy
April 29th, 2010

Believe me; life is not easy when you are working with a Vendor Company, such as Hexaware Technologies that I work for (Hexaware is an Oracle Platinum Partner as well). I have to learn all the new things with the little time you get, sometimes you have to learn lot of things in less than few hours. For a person like me, this is exactly what I want and like to do. Learn new things all the time!!! That is my motto!

One thing I like the most here is, I have the freedom to move to other IT technologies that I have little or no experience with. However that was not easy for a person like me or anybody for that matter. You have to keep learning and understand new things that come up.

As you are already aware (or if you are reading my blogs for first time), I started my IT career as the Web Developer with Apache and Perl CGI development (really old technologies!!). After couple of years, I got bored with Web Development. Then, I moved into Unix System Administration, mainly worked on Solaris and HP-UX and related hardware and software. And again, I got bored with UNIX Administration and moved to Peoplesoft Infrastructure and Administrator positions.

I was a happy person (I am still happy!!) for almost 7 years working with Peoplesoft Infrastructure for many clients. Now, I got an opportunity to work in Oracle Server Technologies here, especially Oracle Database, Oracle Identity Management and Oracle Fusion Middleware technologies.

If you are in the IT industry, you have to know one thing for sure. Keep learning. We have to develop a mentality like kids have. They are always curious to learn new things and all the time. This is an important quality you have to develop if you want to excel in IT Technical career. You have to develop curiousness to learn new things (from internet, from other blogs, from collogues, from peers, from managers and almost everywhere!).

I started working in Oracle Server Technologies (Oracle Database, Oracle Application Server, Oracle Fusion middleware, Enterprise Manager etc ) less than a year ago. However, before starting, I had an fundamental understanding of what they are and why do we need them. You cannot build this in one day. You should be aware of other technologies. One major thing that helped me was, my UNIX skills. I am able to solve almost any problems if that runs on UNIX.

Two things you have to understand in UNIX World. Everything is handled as a file and everything runs in the server is a process. If you are able to make these two simple facts, then I am sure you will be able to fix any servers, anything that runs in UNIX/Linux.
Okay, I think we are going off topic. Other than books and internet, I use two simple ways of learning.

a) Blogging
b) Teaching/Mentoring

Both of these are not easy for me. I have to really develop mastery to some level before start teaching someone. Believe me, it is not easy to teach, especially in IT industry, it is difficult with all the new things popping up almost every second. That is why I wanted to start blogging more often and conduct more mentoring classes in Hexaware.

And now, within last one year, I have got quite an expertise on Oracle Server Technologies. During this time, my experience with UNIX, Web Development and Peoplesoft really helped a lot in understanding the architecture of the Oracle Server Technologies. I am still learning new things everyday (that is why I want to write here, at least I can use them later!).

I want to use this new blog site to start sharing knowledge, write about errors or failures and how we handle them (lessons learned) etc. I will start with a new topic here soon. Until then.

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