Posted by Muneeswara C Pandian
March 28th, 2011

In general Low Cost Business Intelligence (BI) gets associated with two terms Open Source BI and Small Medium Enterprise (SME).

Not just SME companies look for Low Cost BI Solution, even large Enterprises look at low cost BI solution for certain business functions. Also not always low cost BI solution need to be built using Open Source BI, there are other alternatives that can be evaluated.

The cost of a BI solution gets impacted by multiple parameters like cost of software, cost of hardware, cost to implement, time to implement, cost to maintain and other factors. Let us look at one of the key parameter, the cost of the software that delivers a BI solution. Some of the low cost BI software options include

Free BI

SAAS (Software As A Service) BI, is a good option to look for at a lower capital cost with a monthly or per user pricing model. Some of the SAAS BI tools are

Low Cost Editions, BI software with limited features are available. Some of these which can be implemented in an ‘on premise’ model are

Thanks for reading, let me know your thoughts on the Low Cost BI Options…

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