Loading data into Hyperion Planning Applications through Informatica 9.1

Posted by Hari harasudhan S
March 26th, 2012

Informatica 9.1 doesn’t support Hyperion Planning Application connection, hence when we upgraded from 8.1 to 9.1, we had think of alternate options for loading data into Hyperion Planning. We determined two options:

1. Build Java code which makes use of Hyperion planning library files.
2. Have ODI (Oracle Data Integrator) which gets delivered with Hyperion platform

Bringing ODI can introduce another ETL tool into the environment, one of the best options was to build the Java based code and integrate with Informatica.

Let’s see how we can do data load through java.

Changes in Powercenter Designer:

We need to replace the existing Hyperion Planning adapter targets of 8.1 in the mapping with a delimited flat file. This flat file will act as source for the data push to Hyperion Planning.

Java Code

We first need to develop a java file which makes use of HSP.jar library file of Hyperion planning application.

The program flow includes:

1. Login to planning application using login(),
2. Locking a dimension before doing a data push by lockDimension(),
3. Checking for UDA and if true save the values through saveUDA(),
4. Finally save the dimension members using saveMember() function.
5. Publish the java code.

Batch file

This batch file should call the above java file, and the parameters are planning application name, server, RMI port no, user name, password, delimiter and mention if it is UDA.

java -cp “%~dp0lib\HspJS.jar” -jar “%~dp0UpdateDimension.jar” %*

Changes in Workflow Manager:

Create a command task which uses the above batch file and in all post success command of sessions where data push to planning is involved call this batch file along with the parameters.

We did observe that the data push to Hyperion Planning application was successful through the Java interface but at times it takes more time to load if records are in huge.

Thanks reading , let me know your experience of integrating Hyperion Planning with Informatica 9.1.

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