Linking PS Query to a Component

Posted by Vijayakumar Janagiraman
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June 2nd, 2008

The output of a PS Query can be mapped to a portal navigation in PIA which acts as an online report for the Business users. This helps to reduce the work load of a developer by not creating new pages, components, menu entry and portal registration. The end user will still have an option of downloading the Output report results to an Excel or CSV file format.

This can be performed by creating a PeopleSoft Generic URL entry in the‘Structure and Content’ reference in the following URL structure.
q/?ICAction=ICQryNameURL=PUBLIC.<Query Name>

When the business user navigates to the link, the PS Query is in turn gets executed and produces the output in the PIA
A new Public query ‘HEX_OPRDEFN_LIST’ is created which selects the list of User Id information from the PSOPRDEFN table.



2.A new URL entry is created in the ‘Root > UNISYS RND’ portal navigation with URL type as PeopleSoft Generic URL’ and Portal URL as ‘q/?ICAction=ICQryNameURL=PUBLIC.HEX_OPRDEFN_LIST’ in ‘Structure and Content’.



3.Output Result in the screen when user navigates in the PIA.

Comments (3)

Jayalakshmi S - August 27th, 2009

Hello, I have requirement where I need to add two more header rows to the PS Query Result when result in pulled onto Excel. Is this possible? If yes, How can we Do this? Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks in Advance! Jayalakshmi S

Veena - July 22nd, 2009

This is amazing! Thanks for sharing this with us!

Dougrui - December 10th, 2008

the query does not display in PIA

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