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October 15th, 2008

Understanding Send Master

The Send Master utility enables you to test PeopleSoft Integration Broker service operation interactions with PeopleSoft and third-party web servers, application servers, and integration gateways. It can test listening connector functionality, target connector functionality, connector introspection and transactions

Send Master enables you to post any data format, including the PeopleSoft Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) message format, to web and application servers over HTTP and HTTPS. You can also use Send Master to simultaneously test groups of different types of service operations, as well as stress test your system. Send Master also enables you to perform Get functions and to ping application messaging gateways and Third-party servers.

Starting the Stand-Alone Version of Send Master

The standalone version of Send Master is located in the <PS_HOME>\Sendmaster folder, and is named StartSendMaster.bat. If you attempt to launch the batch file and Send Master does not open, you most likely need to set PS_HOME in the environment variables on your machine.

Create Shortcut of SendMaster on your desktop

To set PS_HOME in the environment variables:
1. Close any DOS windows that might be open.
2. Right-click My Computer and click Properties. The System Properties dialog appears.
3. Click the Advanced tab.
4. In the Environment Variables section, click Environment Variables.
5. In the User variables for <user name> section, click New. A New User Variable dialog box appears.
6. In the Variable Name field enter PS_HOME.
7. In the Variable Value field, enter the path to your <PS_HOME> directory (for example, c:\PT848).
8. Click OK. The PS_HOME variable name and value appears in the User variables for <user name> section.


9. Click OK again and navigate to the standalone version of Send Master and double-click the StartSendMaster.bat file.


Comments (3)

Dave Law - September 7th, 2010

Appreciate your effort, however the information can be found in PeopleBooks. Posting few examples like using Ping function or HTTPTarget with 3rd part etc will be more helpful.

Ripu - July 14th, 2010

Very Informative, just what anyone searching for Send Master utility would need. Thanks a lot.

SBL - February 22nd, 2009

Nice presentation... Very informative... Regards, SBL

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