Informatica Upgrade Challenges – Update from INFA NY User Group Meeting

Posted by Senthil Kumar Aiyappan
April 5th, 2012

I attended a meeting organized for Informatica User Group recently in New York City. There was a good participation from in and around the city. The major commotion among the crowd was “Informatica Upgrade”. With our recent successful upgrade, people were eager to hear out the challenges faced and how we resolved it.  I felt it is essential to share the challenges faced by us on the upgrade path. In a nutshell, we migrated from a 32-bit Windows system with Informatica Powercenter 8.1.1 SP5 to Windows 64-bit server with Informatica PowerCenter 9.1.0 HotFix 2, with a versatile connections to multiple systems such as SAP, Hyperion, SalesForce (SFDC), Netsuite, etc.

Below are some of our key challenges and how we prevailed it.

LDAP migration: We were unable to migrate our LDAP Informatica users directly to the corresponding security domains in the new version due to the change in security architecture.  We developed a process automation to clean up the Native users and add them to their corresponding groups and security domain based on a file input.

Lack of Outlook support for 64-bit: We had to move to SMTP server because of 64-bit conversion. The custom distribution lists (DL) created in the Outlook profile used by Informatica were not transferrable easily unless we changed each session using them. With Informatica Support approval, we applied a repository query that can update the Outlook DLs to SMTP groups.

Custom transformations:
The custom transformations that we developed to handle scenarios were coded based on 32-bit libraries. The DLLs were recompiled to 64-bit libraries.

Support for other applications: We used Oracle’s Data Integration Management adapter for transferring data to Hyperion Planning (9.3 system) which was supported only for Power Center 8.1.1. We had to move to Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) to support Hyperion Planning.

There was a catch-22 situation on the Hyperion Essbase adapters requiring Essbase 11x client, where in we had Essbase 9x client required for the cube load. The solution was to install Essbase 11 client in Informatica server and initiate a Remote procedure call to Essbase 9.3 version for cube loads.

Batch scripts: The batch scripts that used to call workflows were tailored according to the syntax of the new version (9.1.0).

The challenges always come with a hidden solution. We won through the hurdles which came our way and reaped the benefits of the upgrade. I would brief my next article on the benefits we acclaimed with the upgrade.

Thanks for reading, please write your challenges which you have encountered.

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