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July 15th, 2009

Databases Greenplum [www.greenplum .com] and Infobright [] are different databases from regular Oracle, SQL Server, they require certain special considerations in order to configure Informatica perform read/write on them.

The below write up is applicable for the following databases:

(but not necessarily limited to these software / versions alone)

Greenplum database 3.2 (running on a Linux OS) and

Infobright-3.1.1 (running on a Windows XP OS)

Along with Informatica 8.x (running on a Windows 2000 Server edition)

Connectivity to databases:

The standard database interface ODBC can be used to establish connectivity between Informatica and databases like Greenplum or Infobright. The approach to set up the server is more or less similar for both these database. Drivers meant for these databases are to be downloaded to establish connectivity.

ODBC Drivers for Green Plum are available at:

ODBC Drivers that support Infobright can be downloaded at:

Steps in configuring ODBC connectivity:

Ø ODBC driver needs to be installed in the system which hosts Informatica Power Center Client as well as the one which holds the Server.

· For instance we have downloaded “psqlodbc-08_02_0500” (for Greenplum) and deployed the PostgreSQL ODBC driver in the Client and Server machines.

· Credentials like Database name, IP of the Server that hosts Greenplum software, Port number, Username and Password would be needed at the time of creating DSN entries.

Ø Creating DSN entries

· The ODBC Data Source Administrator in Windows is to be used to create a DSN entry in the system that hosts Informatica Client, using

§ PostgreSQL ANSI / PostgreSQL Unicode driver – for Greenplum.

§ MySQL ODBC 5.1 Driver – for Infobright

· A DSN entry is to be created in the system that hosts Informatica PowerCenter Server as well.

Once the above steps are done we are all set to use Informatica to extract or load information into Greenplum / Infobright database.

1. Accessing Greenplum objects within Informatica:

All features in Informatica PowerCenter client that works with other databases holds good for these databases as well, like:

Ø Using “Import from Database” option in Source Analyzer we can import Greenplum / Infobright Tables / Views similar to what we do for other databases. The DSN entry that we created in the Power Center Client instance to be used for the same.

Ø The same is applicable for importing Views / Tables into Target Designer.

Ø It is also possible to create a table in these databases using a table structure defined in Informatica Target Designer using the “Generate and Execute” option.

2. Executing Informatica workflows with Greenplum / Infobright objects:

Ø Relational Connection Browser in workflow manager is to be used for creating Connection entries. Connections are to be created under the type ODBC. Access credentials Username / password for the Greenplum database and Connect string would be needed for this.

· Connect String here refers to the DSN entry that we created in the Informatica PowerCenter Server machine.

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