Informatica PowerCenter 8x Key Concepts - 1

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June 17th, 2008

We shall look at the fundamental components of the Informatica PowerCenter 8.x Suite, the key components are

1. PowerCenter Domain
2. PowerCenter Repository
3. Administration Console
4. PowerCenter Client
5. Repository Service
6. Integration Service

PowerCenter Domain

A domain is the primary unit for management and administration of services in PowerCenter. Node, Service Manager and Application Services are components of a domain.


Node is the logical representation of a machine in a domain. The machine in which the PowerCenter is installed acts as a Domain and also as a primary node. We can add other machines as nodes in the domain and configure the nodes to run application services such as the Integration Service or Repository Service. All service requests from other nodes in the domain go through the primary node also called as ‘master gateway’.

The Service Manager

The Service Manager runs on each node within a domain and is responsible for starting and running the application services. The Service Manager performs the following functions,

  • Alerts. Provides notifications of events like shutdowns, restart
  • Authentication. Authenticates user requests from the Administration Console, PowerCenter Client, Metadata Manager, and Data Analyzer
  • Domain configuration. Manages configuration details of the domain like machine name, port
  • Node configuration. Manages configuration details of a node metadata like machine name, port
  • Licensing. When an application service connects to the domain for the first time the licensing registration is performed and for subsequent connections the licensing information is verified
  • Logging. Manages the event logs from each service, the messages could be ‘Fatal’, ‘Error’, ‘Warning’, ‘Info’
  • User management. Manages users, groups, roles, and privileges

Application services

The services that essentially perform data movement, connect to different data sources and manage data are called Application services, they are namely Repository Service, Integration Service, Web Services Hub, SAPBW Service, Reporting Service and Metadata Manager Service. The application services run on each node based on the way we configure the node and the application service

Domain Configuration

Some of the configurations for a domain involves assigning host name, port numbers to the nodes, setting up Resilience Timeout values, providing connection information of metadata Database, SMTP details etc. All the Configuration information for a domain is stored in a set of relational database tables within the repository. Some of the global properties that are applicable for Application Services like ‘Maximum Restart Attempts’, ‘Dispatch Mode’ as ‘Round Robin’/’Metric Based’/’Adaptive’ etc are configured under Domain Configuration

Comments (8)

koteswarao - May 29th, 2011

Explain me Implementation of partitioning techniques in informatica mappings not in therotical way. Pls respond to me ASAP

gaurav - October 27th, 2010

Hi, Could you let me know where can I set the value of maximum no concurrent workflow or task run?

shanmugam - May 19th, 2010

Hi i want to know the difference between informatica 7.1 and informatica 8.6 any please list out the major diff and features of version info 8.6. Send me the link if u have known. thanks, shan.p

Vinay - September 10th, 2009

Hi Pankaj/Senthil, I installed Informatica PowerCenter 8.1.1. When I check repository service in admin console, I see the following error The following error occurred while performing a repository action. Error - [PCSF_10007] Cannot connect to repository [Infa_PowerCenter] because: [Failed to connect to repository service [Infa_PowerCenter].]. Can you please help me to fix this problem. Thanks Vinay

Senthil Kumar Aiyappan - May 11th, 2009

Hi Pankaj Sorry for getting to you late. Could you please give me an overview of the no.of sessions and workflows run during this time. If possible, can we have a webex/netmeeting session to see this. You can contact me in EST timings in the below numbers Office(Day) - +1-610-834-5219 Mobile (Night)- +1-484-681-0470

Pankaj - May 7th, 2009

Hi Senthil, The concurrent property is set to 50 in each Informatica node, but still one of the job ( Job means workflow here ) keeps running and rest go to waiting state. Even the CPU usage is very less at the time when issue occurs.And there are not much DB activities going on in Repository database. Let me know if any more questions. Thanks, Pankaj

Senthil Kumar Aiyappan - May 4th, 2009

Hi Pankaj Before going into your issue, The Waiting state of Informatica happens only on the below scenario 1) When the Informatica waits for availability of resources 2) When the concurrent no.of session limit has reached. Please confirm if these are not the cases. When you say a "Job" do you mean a session or is it a worklet or workflow. Provide us with some more information to help you. Thanks Senthil

Pankaj - May 4th, 2009

Hi All, We have been facing an issue pertaining to Informatica since last 2 weeks. To be brief :- 1) When the PRD batches are still running, then around 6.30 AM IST,all Informatica jobs go into waiting state except one of the job. 2) This one job is not same throughout last 2 weeks but keeps on changing, so we could conclude this issue is not due to some specific job. 3) When this one job, which is in running state is killed, then all the other waiting state jobs go to running state and eventually succeeds. 4) The issue everyday starts at around 6:30-7.00 AM SGT and lasts around 1-2 hrs. Pls let me know if you have come across any such peculiar issue related to Informatica ( V 8.1 ). Thanks, Pankaj

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