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Posted by Rajamani Vasudevan
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July 8th, 2008

Here are few more Exceptions:

1. There are occasions where sessions fail with the following error in the Workflow Monitor:

“First error code [36401], message [ERROR: Session task instance [session XXXX]: Execution terminated unexpectedly.] “

where XXXX is the session name.

The server log/workflow log shows the following:

“LM_36401 Execution terminated unexpectedly.”

To determine the error do the following:

a. If the session fails before initialization and no session log is created look for errors in Workflow log and pmrepagent log files.

b. If the session log is created and if the log shows errors like

“Caught a fatal signal/exception” or

“Unexpected condition detected at file [xxx] line yy”

then a core dump has been created on the server machine. In this case Informatica Technical Support should be contacted with specific details. This error may also occur when the PowerCenter server log becomes too large and the server is no longer able to write to it. In this case a workflow and session log may not be completed. Deleting or renaming the PowerCenter Server log (pmserver.log) file will resolve the issue.

2. Given below is not an exception but a scenario which most of us would have come across.

Rounding problem occurs with columns in the source defined as Numeric with Precision and Scale or Lookups fail to match on the same columns. Floating point arithmetic is always prone to rounding errors (e.g. the number 1562.99 may be represented internally as 1562.988888889, very close but not exactly the same). This can also affect functions that work with scale such as the Round() function. To resolve this do the following:

a. Select the Enable high precision option for the session.

b. Define all numeric ports as Decimal datatype with the exact precision and scale desired. When high precision processing is enabled the PowerCenter Server support numeric values up to 28 digits. However, the tradeoff is a performance hit (actual performance really depends on how many decimal ports there are).

Comments (5)

karan - January 28th, 2011

Hi i am having a query while i am running a session around 800 records are getting rounded up out of 40000 records the precision of the table is 34 after 16th char it is getting rounded up...i had enabled high precesion in session properties

MANISH - October 17th, 2010

This is not a connection related, its related to datatype, i am half-way thro its resolution

Poobalan - June 9th, 2009

To add a point here related to Error code : 36401 and the possible resolution (if applicable). 1) There is a date column in Normalizer transformation with data type 'NString' and mapped to String column in the next transformation(filter), causes the 36401 error. Fix : The data type in filter transformation has been changed to 'Date/Time' datatype and got fixed the error.

sangram takmoge - October 1st, 2008

I found following link. Hope this will work for some of you. In my case I don't have access to run the scripts here against the repository tables.

sangram takmoge - October 1st, 2008

I am facing 'session terminated unexpectedly' error. Session can generate log but does not have any of the two errors mentioned above. I guess this error is a problem with the source connection. The last entry in the log show that xxxx is the source etc. but nothing is shown after this in the log.

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