HP Sprinter – New Era in Manual Testing

Posted by Barani Raja Murugan
January 2nd, 2012

Problems faced in manual testing:

Manual software testing is the oldest mode of testing soft wares and is still in practice. But all these years of practice do not make it a routine as one would expect. We need to accept the below mentioned facts first.

  • Manual testing can often be very tedious and time consuming. The productivity of a tester depends on multiple sources (test script, test data, defects tracked, application under test).
  • In today’s world where software needs to operate in multiple operating system environments and web browsers, manually testing software adds a large amount to the time needed to release an application.
  • Manual testing is often error prone. Test steps are easily missed, test data often incorrectly entered, and defects are often incorrectly captured thereby decreasing overall quality of the application, increasing risk the application poses, and increasing costs due to associated work replication.

What is HP Sprinter?

HP Sprinter is an easy to use solution provided by HP that delivers accurate and efficient manual software testing fully integrated with HP Application Lifecycle Management and HP Quality Center.

How HP Sprinter ease manual testing?

With this new era of HP Sprinter, manual software testing does not have to be tedious, error prone, or time consuming anymore. Some of the features are:

  • HP Sprinter dramatically reduces time needed to perform manual software tests and increases their accuracy and effectiveness.
  • Manual tests are launched from HP Application Lifecycle Management or HP Quality Center into HP Sprinter where tester carries out the test.
  • The actions and results of the test are simply recorded and results are saved within HP Application Lifecycle Management or HP Quality Center.
  • Defects can also be directly logged within HP Application Lifecycle Management or HP Quality Center without leaving HP Sprinter, helping bridge the gap that exists with developers.
  • HP Sprinter also handles automated injection of data into fields under test increasing the speed and accuracy in which a test can be executed.
  • HP Sprinter allows screen capturing, screen annotation, and movie recording. It can also be used to automatically record and log tester’s activities and actions when executing exploratory testing without pre-defined steps.
  • HP Sprinter’s mirror testing capabilities allow users’ actions to be automatically replicated across multiple systems hosting multiple environment configurations.


HP Sprinter thus helps to streamline manual testing and improve collaboration and communication. It increases speed of execution, improves productivity, reduces costs and accelerates application delivery.

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