HP SiteScope – Monitoring Made Easy

Posted by Abdul Rahim
January 31st, 2012

HP SiteScope software monitors the availability and performance of distributed IT infrastructures including servers, operating systems, network and Internet services, applications and application components.

HP SiteScope continually monitors more than 75 types of IT infrastructure through Web‑based architecture that is lightweight and highly customizable. With HP SiteScope, you gain the real‑time information you need to verify infrastructure operations, stay apprised of problems, and solve bottlenecks before they become critical. HP SiteScope is an important component of both the HP Operations Center software and the HP Business Availability Center software, providing agentless availability and performance monitoring and management.

How HP SiteScope works

  • HP SiteScope provides a centralized, scalable architecture.
  • HP SiteScope is implemented as a Java™ server application and runs on a single, central system as a daemon process.
  • HP SiteScope Java server supports three key functions: data collection, alerting, and reporting.
  • HP SiteScope enables system administrators to monitor your IT infrastructure remotely from a central installation without the need for agents on the monitored systems.
  • HP SiteScope accomplishes remote monitoring by logging into systems as a user from its central server, which can run on Windows®, UNIX®, and Linux® platforms.
  • HP SiteScope offers optional failover support to give you added redundancy and automatic failover protection in the event that an HP SiteScope server fails.

Advantages of HP SiteScope

  • Features an agentless, enterprise ready architecture that lowers Total Cost of Ownership
  • Monitors more than 75 different target types for critical health and performance characteristics
  • Generates daily, weekly, and monthly summaries of single and multiple monitor readings with built-in management server‑based reports
  • Serves as an integrated component of HP Operations Center and the monitoring foundation for HP Business Availability Center and HP LoadRunner
  • With HP Operations Manager, can deliver a combined agentless and agent-based monitoring
  • solution to deliver the breadth and depth you require
  • Gathers detailed performance data for IT infrastructure using agentless technology installed on your managed server or device
  • Enables the easy installation and monitoring of IT infrastructure monitoring in less than one hour
  • Reduces the time and cost of maintenance by consolidating all maintenance to one central server
  • Reduces the time to make administrative and configuration changes by providing templates and global change capabilities
  • Enables quick and efficient operations management with automated actions initiated upon monitor status change alerts
  • Offers solution templates that include specialized monitors, default metrics, proactive tests, and best practices
  • Supports easy customization to provide standard monitoring of previously unmanaged or hard-to-manage systems and devices

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