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December 19th, 2007

Most of the projects have the below mentioned scenarios…..

  1. FTPing the file from one server location to another
  2. Deleting the file

We can simply execute those in SQR by using CALL SYSTEM built-in…Here is the syntax

CALL SYSTEM Using $del_file #del_status Wait

if edit(#del_status,’9′) = ‘0’
show ‘intfiles.txt was deleted sucessfully’

$del_file – Specifies the operating system command to execute. The command can be a quoted string, string variable, or column.
#del_status – Represents the status of execution of OS Command. This is always going to be Numeric variable
UNIX/Linux: Zero (0) indicates success. Any other value is the system error code.
PC/ Microsoft Windows: A value less than 32 indicates an error.
Wait – This flag is used to enable to do multitask processing.

(Microsoft Windows only): WAIT specifies that SQR suspend its execution until the CALL SYSTEM command has finished processing. NOWAIT specifies that SQR start the CALL SYSTEM command but continue its own processing while that command is in progress.

For Microsoft Windows, the default is NOWAIT. On UNIX\Linux operating systems the behavior is always WAIT.

Note: While executing OS Commands, we should append the value of Command Environment Settings along with OS Command. This is done by !Command Environment Settings
let $comspec = getenv(‘COMSPEC’) /* For Window OS */
let $comspec = getenv(‘SHELL’) /* For UNIX */
let $del_file = $comspec||’ /c del’||$int_file_name

Comments (1)

Manish Jain - September 18th, 2008

Hi, When i use CALL SYSTEM command in SQR, i am getting an error with status 1.00000 . What does it signify?

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