How to create new Manager Self Service Transaction?

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December 8th, 2007

As everyone knows, PeopleSoft itself provides a lot of MSS transaction.

For example

  1. Transfer Employee
  2. Job Change
  3. Promote Employee
  4. Terminate Employee

Like that, say for example, if we are getting new MSS related requirements for Paygroup Change, How will we accomplish? Here is an insight!!!

Broadly saying, we should have 3 types of components that needs to be built to accomplish any MSS transaction

  1. Transaction Level Components
  2. Approval related Components (If Required)
  3. Viewing Transaction/Approval Workflow Status related Components

Each of these components are in turn driven by 2 types of Component Pages, one for Launching Manager’s Direct Reports and the other one for Adding / Approving/ Viewing a (Paygroup change) Transaction.

In order to maintain all these transactional and approval workflow status related data, we should create 2 records to hold the data. As per PS Convention, One of the ways to maintain the data is achieved by having

  1. HR_PAYGRPCHG_DAT – This record used to hold all the (Paygroup change related) Transactional data
  2. HR_PAYGRPCHG_STA – This record used to hold all the Approval Workflow Status related data

Transactional Level Components

This type of components is purely meant for doing transactional changes. In our case, transactional change is nothing but Paygroup change for an employee.

  1. Launching Page:
    Manager’s Direct Reports Launching Component Page is constructed either by Direct Report Setup (Using OPRROWS component to show Direct Reports) or Configure Direct Reports UI Setup (Using HR_DR_SELECTION_UI component to show Direct Reports)
    Navigation: Setup HRMS >> Common Definition >> Direct Reports for Managers
  2. Transaction Page:
    Transactional Component Page should be manually built as per the Requirements. As a manager, this is where Manager has to change the Paygroup of an employee, which in turn will fire Approval workflows (if required) or insert the data to Job component directly.
    Once the data is saved on this page, it should insert this transaction related data to DAT record and all the Approval workflow related data to STA record.

Approval related Components / Viewing Approval Workflow Status related Components

  1. Launching Page:
    The Launching Page for both Approval / Viewing Status related Components should be manually designed to populate the Manager’s Direct Reports.
    Basically Launching pages are used to show the Direct Reports of the Manager. But in this case, Population of Manager’s Direct reports is restricted. For Eg. If the MSS transaction needs an approval, then the corresponding employee for that transaction will be shown as one of the Direct Reports in Launching page. Needless to say, Showing data for Manager’s Direct Reports should be determined by both Transactional (HR_PAYGRPCHG_DAT) and Status (HR_PAYGRPCHG_STA) data records.
  2. Transaction Page:
    In the case of Approval related components, the main Approval page should be provided with 2 extra buttons to approve or deny the transaction. All other transactional data information should be placed in this page in non editable mode.
    For Viewing Statuses, the entire page should be in READ only access mode. This page should be used only to view the transaction and approval workflow status related details.

Comments (2)

Raj - March 10th, 2008

Thanks for the great post! Could you please provide few snapshots? Appreciated!!

sachin - December 28th, 2007

Great blog! Could you please make the concept more clear using Screenshots?

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