Generating Email URL

Posted by Senthil Kumar Theagarajan
July 29th, 2009


&TempURL = &TempURL | GetURLString(“<COMPONENT NAME>”, “<MARKET>”, “<PAGE NAME>”);
&TempURL = &TempURL | “/?EMPLID=” | &emplid;
&TempURL = &TempURL | “&EMPL_RCD=” | &empl_rcd;
&TempURL = &TempURL | “&ACTION_DT_SS=” | &act_dt;

Try the above snyntax for generating the URL. Replace all the <> with relevant values.
The EMPLID, EMPL_RCD and ACTION_DT_SS are the search keys to the component given in the above statment.
Provide your search keys with a /? for the first key and & for the others. Then the link will work fine.



Original Question

This is about accessing one of the customized peoplesoft component by external User.

I’m generating the URL using the following code &amp;str = “&amp;CASE_ID=” | &nCaseID; &amp;str = &amp;str | “&amp;COMPANYID=” | &sCompID; &amp;strSP_URL = “” | GenerateComponentContentRelURL(”CUSTOMER”, “CRM”, MenuName.XX_MNU, “GBL”, Component.XX_CMP, Page.XX_PG, “U”); &amp;strSP_URL = &amp;strSP_URL | &str;

and it generates the following URL, and would be sent to the external user via an email.

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