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June 20th, 2008

Impact analysis of the existing object plays a major role during development or customization of the PeopleTools objects. Developers make use of the “Find Definition Reference” utility in Application designer to identify the list of impacted / dependent objects. However, this Application designer utility has its own limitations. For E.g. When a record is referenced inside a SQLExec function will not be traced by this utility.

1.There are two records (HEX_TEST & HEX_TEST_REC) in the project (HEX_TEST_PRJ). The HEX_TEST record is referenced inside the SQLExec function in the HEX_TEST_REC.EMPLID.FieldDefault PeopleCode. In such cases when the ‘Find Definition Reference’ for HEX_TEST runs, the HEX_TEST_REC will not be listed as impacted or dependency objects. This may lead to incomplete impact analysis of the record reference. (It can be taken cared by the ‘Find In’ utility but it ends in huge volume of time for Impact analysis)

2.In such cases, the PeopleCode can be rewritten to pass the record name as parameters to the SQLExec function. This helps the developers to list the record in SQLExec function as impacted object when “Find Definition Reference” runs through the application designer

Comments (1)

Heather Truong - July 28th, 2008

Hi, I would like to find out what tables that needed to be converted over for activity and history Absence Management. Also I'd like to know if there is feature for EE can perfrom a cancelation action on his/her request, instead of manager has to do it. Thank you

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