Exceptions in Informatica

Posted by Rajamani Vasudevan
June 5th, 2008

There exists no product/tool without strange exceptions/errors, we will see some of those exceptions.
1. You get the below error when you do “Generate SQL” in Source Qualifier and try to validate it.
“Query should return exactly n field(s) to match field(s) projected from the Source Qualifier”
Where n is the number of fields projected from the Source Qualifier.

Possible reasons for this to occur are:

1. The order of ports may be wrong
2. The number of ports in the transformation may be more/less.
3. Sometimes you will have the correct number of ports and in correct order too but even then you might face this error in that case make sure that Owner name and Schema name are specified correctly for the tables used in the Source Qualifier Query.

2. The following error occurs at times when an Oracle table is used

/common/odl/oracle8/oradriver.cpp] line [xxx]”
Where xxx is some line number mostly 241, 291 or 416.

Possible reasons are

1. Use DataDirect Oracle ODBC driver instead of the driver “Oracle in
2. If the table has been imported using the Oracle drivers which are not supported, then columns with Varchar2 data type are replaced by String data type and Number columns are imported with precision Zero(0).

3. Recently I encountered the below error while trying to save a Mapping.

Unexpected Condition Detected
Warning: Unexpected condition at: statbar.cpp: 268
Contact Informatica Technical Support for assistance

When there is no enough memory in System this happens. To resolve this we can either

1. Increase the Virtual Memory in the system
2. If continue to receive the same error even after increasing the Virtual Memory, in Designer, go to ToolsàOptions, go to General tab and clear the “Save MX Data” option.

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