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March 9th, 2008

Episode 01: Peoplesoft Web Services with Peopletools 8.49: An Introduction
Integrating Peoplesoft applications with other applications are one of the most interesting topic for an individual working with Peoplesoft based applications. I can’t comment about others but it is so for me. Peoplesoft Web Services provides a great way for integrating peoplesoft-based applications with other web-based applications. And, you are right; Peoplesoft Web Services is my topic for most of my next episodes here.

To start knowing about Peoplesoft Web Services, you have to get some basic understanding of what is Web Services first. Web Services are an important evolution that you must understand first.  As you know already, IT is a fast changing world. To understand Peoplesoft web services, an introduction about some of the related topics are important; for example, SOA, SOAP, XML, WSDL, UDDI etc.

I have some confusion where to start first. There are many ways for you to understand about web services. If you know something about how Internet works, there is an easier way to learn this. If you know something about how traditional applications work, there is another way. If you know, HTML, Javascript and other related languages like Java, PHP etc, there is another way to learn this.

I am going to tell how I learned it. To start with, I studied Chemical Engineering in the college. Unfortunately, I never had a chance to apply (in a manufacturing or an industrial environment) what I learned during my four years of engineering studies. Instead, the very first year I finished my college, I became a web developer doing all HTML, Perl, PHP, Apache, MySQL et all (during 1999). That gave me a good feeling of how the web, I mean the internet, works.

Now, I assume, you all know what is HTML, what is JavaScript, what is CSS. If you don’t, I would recommend to stop reading from here on. I don’t want to get a bad name from you not to understand this. Actually, Web Services are needed to be dealt with separate books. There are number of books written about Web Services. You may need to pick one before learning about Peoplesoft web services.

As per W3C Web Services Glossary Definition, A Web Service is considered a “software system designed to support interoperable machine-to-machine interaction over a network”. Oh… sorry for confusing you suddenly with technical jargon. If we look at this definition closely, we can note that a Web Service is a software system, just an example like a Ticket Reservation System. A Web Service that offers software application that can fit into our day-to-day requirements… Astonishing!!!

We will look into more closely about Web Services and How Peoplesoft integrates this great feature into its Peopletools capability. There are a number of ways we can exploit this feature for our own needs. We will look into all these in our next episodes. Until Next time – Vijay Chinnasamy, PMP

Comments (2)

Ravi - March 3rd, 2010

Hi VijayaKumar Can you post some samples of Peoplecode or how we should call a webservice. Thanks Ravi Teja.

Ketan Benegal - June 27th, 2009

Have you published the second part of this blog?? Interested in knowing about it.

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