Enterprise Content Management - Livelink Vs SharePoint

Posted by Pon ArunKumar Ramalingam
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February 10th, 2009

Do you feel that the growth of an organization is directly proportional to the content mangement within the organization ? or vice versa? Let’s look into one of the driving force behind a companies growth – It’s the Enterprise Content Management. ‘Collaboration’, ‘Goals’, ‘Processes’, ‘Business data analysis’ are the words frequently uttered across; when a company revisits its own growth.

The ECM suites provides a better way to organize, reuse and share data across the organization. To name a few, Livelink ECM Suite and Microsoft SharePoint provides an interactive space for document management, version management, auditing, business workflows, business intelligence and many other interesting search features with a user friendly – ‘web site’ style application.And also Microsoft’s BDC and Web Part technologies plays a vital role in third party integrations.(the details of which can be seen in our future posts)

By now,one can define in simple terms that a place where documents are managed can be termed as Enterprise Content Management Suites.In reality, the ROI’s are too high for organizations that have implemented SharePoint or Livelink. Livelink goes one step further by handling the retention management process for documents and incorporating a seemless workflow approval chain along the organization tree. This enables an organization to setup the time period for which a document can be accessible and then purged. In comparision, Livelink seems to be DoD certified and SharePoint may be in the process of getting one…

Comments (6)

Manoharan - June 8th, 2010

Hi Arun, Do you have any idea about how to hide folder\documents from Livelink-search? If you have any idea.please share with me. Thanks, Manoharan 9884438052,Chennai

Arun - October 5th, 2009

Open Text receives highest available rating in Gartner's Records Management report :-) http://www.itweb.co.za/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=26825:open-text-receives-highest-available-rating-in-gartners-records-management-report&catid=107:enterprise&Itemid=65

Jagdish - August 26th, 2009

Nice and crisp. You may also like to see this other good comparison between Google Apps and SharePoint Online that I found.

Manoharan - July 28th, 2009

Good work arun! I accept the ratio. :-) Also, Look for other side too. In this current IT Trend around the world corporates are looking for low budget IT infrastructure facilities for their company.Due to economic crunch corporates are not interested to extend the contract\support with Opentext. Take the survey how many users with draw opentext support or not extending contract this fiscal year? count is keep incresing every quater. Opentext per user license is 8$ per month. If you compare to Google apps 50% or more high. Google apps is dominating in all fields like Mails, ECM etc..

Arun - July 21st, 2009

Manoharan - Please refer http://www.cmswire.com/cms/enterprise-cms/open-text-autonomy-ibm-among-leaders-in-records-management-005065.php

Manoharan - July 20th, 2009

Hello, Now Google apps does all your content management requrinment at cheap cost. -Manoharan

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