Don’t Let the Economic Slowdown Stall Your IT Projects

Posted by Inigo Angelus
May 6th, 2009

Right now, the primary issue on everyone’s mind is the slowdown of the global economy. Corporations of all sizes are estimating its short-term and long-term effects on the health of businesses, and organizational spending — especially IT spending — is coming under heightened scrutiny.

However, because IT is a critical enabler of business, Companies cannot simply eliminate IT spending. Instead, they are re-evaluating and redefining their strategies and IT investments, looking to demonstrate improvement in efficiency and to achieve tangible results. CIOs are now asking, “How can IT deliver more with less? And what will put us on a fast track during this slowdown?”

Accomplishing these goals rests on the basics of outsourcing — that is, creating a long-term IT Optimization strategy and picking the right partner to help execute this strategy. For example, one international bank was able to enhance the quality of its customer interactions while increasing operational efficiency and lowering costs. And it was the bank’s partnership with Hexaware that helped it reach its optimization goals.

A Beneficial Partnership in Action

The bank in our example wanted to accomplish seamless integration and communication with the accounts payable system of both its corporate and retail customers. To do so, the bank selected SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure (SAP NetWeaver XI) as the platform of choice to address business challenges and create a robust application roadmap. The key features of SAP NetWeaver XI include:

  • Synchronous, real-time transmission of data with immediate message delivery notices
  • The ability to “push” messages at delivery time or at a scheduled interval, from customer to bank or vice versa

And with SAP’s solid partner ecosystem, the bank had many options for finding a partner that would be able to implement this solution for it. In this case, what the bank sought specifically was an SAP-certified outsourcing partner to:

  • Provide a holistic virtual integration between the bank and its customers
  • Provide a seamless link from customers’ ERP systems to its own
  • Enforce strong security at the communication, transport, and data levels, in accordance with accepted industry standards
  • Ease the implementation, while minimizing disruption
  • Integrate message channels and formats to further secure communication channels

The bank chose Hexaware for its implementation expertise and its ability to create optimization strategies. Hexaware is also a premier SAP gold partner that has helped with more than 500 implementation, upgrade, and support engagements.

Following Hexaware’s nearshore-offshore model, the bank was able to achieve 30% cost savings. Hexaware’s implementation of SAP NetWeaver XI was seamless and efficient, and it demonstrated tangible business results, including an improved customer approval rating. In addition, the implementation was successful on both the IT and business levels, reaping continuous solution benefits for the bank.

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Author : Saravanan Arumugam, FICO Consultant, SAP Practice, Hexaware Tech Ltd.

This article was originally published by the author in Spring 2009 issue of SAP Netweaver Magazine, Reprinted here with his permission

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