Posted by Vijayakumar Janagiraman
June 2nd, 2008

PeopleTools contain certain PeopleTools objects which will not have option to delete either through Application designer or PIA. E.g. Processes, Recurrence… Some developers suggest identifying all the Back end tables which hold the object information and delete the entry for the object from the table. For E.g. If a process definition needs to be deleted from PeopleSoft environment through Back end then the following tables needs to be cleared for the Process definition entry (PS_PRCSDEFNPNL, PS_PRCSDEFNMESSAGE, PS_PRCSDEFNCNTDIST, PS_PRCSDEFNXFER, PS_PRCSDEFNNOTIFY, PS_PRCSDEFNMETA, PS_PRCSDEFNURL, PS_PRCSDEFNGRP …). This may increase the work load of the developer and may also end in human errors. Here is another way of deleting such objects through Application designer in the PeopleSoft way.

1.Creating a new process definition ‘HEX_SQR’ though PIA.


2.Attaching the process definition to the Component


3.The newly created process definition can not be deleted through PIA or Application designer Tools.


4.In such cases insert the object definition in to the Project with the action as ‘Delete’ and copy the project definition to a file (In App Designer, Tools->Copy Project->To File )



5.Reload the Project definition from Copied file to PeopleSoft environment through Application designer (In App Designer, Tools ->Copy Project->From File)



6.After successful loading of project information from the file, the process definition entries will be removed from the PeopleSoft environment.


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