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June 20th, 2008

PeopleSoft support multi currency environment. Currency from different countries tracks the currency amount up to 3 decimal positions based on their country rules. For E.g.India USA tracks the currency amount to 2 decimal places whereas Bahraini Dinar & Kuwaiti Dinar tracks the currency amount to 3 decimal places. This information will be stored in the Currency code‘PS_CURRENCY_CD_TBL’ table.

But when the amount field is displayed in the PeopleSoft page, the currency amount will always be displayed to 3 decimal places. This is due to the field decimal position is set as 3. We can override this property in PeopleSoft to display the amount to number of decimal positions based on the Currency code.
E.g. A record is created to store the employee salary information. When this record is visited in the page, the amount information is displayed in 3 decimal positions irrespective of the employee currency code



In order to display the amount based on the currency code, In the record field property of the amount information, under ‘Use’ tab, select the currency code field from the particular record in the ‘Currency Control Field’ drop down box. This helps the page to display the amount information to correct decimal places based on the currency code.  decimal-positions-3



If there is a scenario to display the number field to ‘n’ decimal places irrespective of the Currency code, then we can use ‘DecimalPosition’ Field property to display the number to ‘n’ decimal places in the page.
RecName.FieldName.DecimalPosition = 2;

Comments (1)

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