Databases and Marketing

Posted by Amit Varshneya
June 3rd, 2009

Really exciting times to be in Marketing. Well, personally for me they are (the geek in me just loves how databases and analytics have become so critical to marketing! 🙂 )

It is incredible how central data is becoming to the art and science of marketing. Infact marketing nowadays is so data driven that it is more science than art.

And I am not referring to ROI and marketing measurement data. Usage of that data is to be able to speak the same language as the CFO and CEO; to get a seat at the table in the executive suite. Something that the marketing organization has had to learn to meet the CFO’s standards.

I am referring to a data driven approach that has been driven by the marketing department itself. And this has been driven by the marketing department’s desire to run programs that are not gambles. Campaigns that are designed with the customers and their behaviour in mind and therefore hit the target more often than not. And that has brought us today to a time where databases and analytics are critical for marketing to succeed.

Not being familar with database management and analytics is not an option anymore.

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