Data Warehouse Databases with Statistical Software Features!

Posted by Muneeswara C Pandian
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June 15th, 2010

Ease of data handling has been a vital reason for the statistical software platforms like SAS, SPSS to be very popular with the business analyst community. Manipulating data and inferring information is done in a much easier way on these platforms. These statistical software tools have their own proprietary data structures for data storage, but unlike relational database’s ‘Tables-Columns’, these data structures from SAS/SPSS can be easily created by the Business Analyst team themselves, hence in many instances the dependency of the Business team on IT team for these platforms are very minimal.

Some of the key features for the popularity of these platforms are

  • Excellent file data handling capability
  • Flexibility to create unlimited dataset copies
  • Ability to provide quicker statistics on a data file
  • Ready to use wide range of statistical functions
  • Supports programming constructs

Now we are seeing platforms like Teradata, Greenplum supporting these features that are of a statistical software package and trying to get into the desktop of a business user.

Teradata Agile Analytics Cloud provides interface for a business user to create his own datamart, table, load data from a file and start analyzing the data all by oneself, without the support of the IT team. Please refer the link

Greenplum recently launched a product Greenplum Chorus, which supports features to create once own instance of the database, table and use statistical functions for data analysis. Greenplum Chorus also has a web interface with a kind of social network feature for sharing of inferences on data. Please refer the link

Unlike a Reporting tool the data warehouse (Database) platforms have been always an IT focused technology, all the database vendors didn’t have much that can be demonstrated to a Business User. Now vendors like Teradata, Greenplum have products in their stable which will be directly relevant to the Business Team…

Comments (1)

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