Data Mart Consolidation – Information Delivery

Posted by Muneeswara C Pandian
February 22nd, 2010

In the process of Data Mart Consolidation, the third area to focus after Data Integration Consolidation is the Information Delivery process. Let us define the following

  • Parent Data Mart (PDM) – The Data Mart which is to get extended with the elements from another ( Child ) Data Mart
  • Child Data Mart (CDM)– The Data Mart which is to be merged with the Parent Data Mart

There are three parts to focus when we look at Information Delivery processes they are

  1. Semantic Layer Integration
  2. Security and User profile integration
  3. Report consolidation

The key aspects that needs to be performed in the consolidation exercise across these areas are

Semantic Layer Integration

  1. Collect the metadata of the objects present in the semantic layer of both PDM and CDM
  2. Determine the common objects in the semantic layers
  3. Determine the unused objects in the semantic layers, also confirm with users on the objects that are not required in CDM and eliminate them
  4. For the required objects in CDM determine the placeholders in the PDM Semantic layer and confirm with users on the location of the new object in the PDM semantic hierarchy
  5. Merge the CDM semantic with the PDM Semantic

Security and User Profile Integration

  1. Determine the security definition for the required objects in CDM
  2. Map the security setup in CDM and PDM, determine the gaps and work arounds
  3. Determine the common users and unique users between the system
  4. Create users who are not present in the PDM system
  5. Apply the required security definition over the new objects in PDM

Report Consolidation

  1. Collect the metadata of the objects present in the reports of CDM
  2. Determine the reports in PDM that carry similar objects(physical name as well) to that present in CDM, these are reports in CDM that may not be required to be migrated from CDM to PDM
  3. Determine the set of unique reports that needs to moved into the PDM system
  4. Re-point and change the existing reports in CDM to the integrated semantic definition in PDM

Thanks for reading, let me know if you have come across other points that needs to be considered as part of Information Delivery Layer consolidation exercise. .

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