Data Conversion Utilities for PeopleSoft 9.1 Upgrade

Posted by Charles Praveen Janarthanan
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August 19th, 2010

This post is about the Data Conversion utilities given by Oracle for upgrades to PeopleSoft 9.1.

Data Conversion is a key process in a PeopleSoft upgrade where data from old table or columns get converted to new table or columns. Oracle delivers the conversion programs in the form of Application Engine and these are designed to run through the Change Assistant for the chosen upgrade path.

Now, if a delivered table has been customized by the addition of custom fields, then one needs to analyze the conversion programs (which are usually huge libraries) and take corrective actions within the referenced program so that data is not lost. Another challenge with conversion is improving the performance of the conversion programs so that the overall cutover time gets reduced. With 9.1, Oracle has brought in useful analysis features that will help you in not only making these corrective actions but also in running the programs in an optimized way.

The new EO Upgrade Framework Analysis includes analyzing the insert, update and delete SQL steps in the data conversion program to determine the source and target tables, column usage, stat records and bind variables that are used. The information from the table usage analysis is then used to determine the dependencies between the AE Steps so that multiple instances of the updated data conversion is executed in parallel against a single dependency information.

A number of useful reports can be taken  from the EOUF repository once the analysis is complete.

– Tables referenced Report: Lists all tables referenced within the Application Engine Program including the Section, Step and whether is a source or a target  and the type of SQL (Insert/Update/Delete) in which it is referenced.

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– Customizations Impact Report:  This shows the Section/Steps within the Application Engine program which reference tables with custom added fields. With this, we can directly go to the program and modify the SQL in order to take care of the custom fields especially in Insert statements.

– Execution Report by Section: Duration:  Using the AE Trace feature during the conversion, this report shows execution time for each section ordering by the poorest performing steps at the top.

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– Execution Report by Start Time:  This is similar to the previous report except that it orders by the start time in order to see the order of steps executed.

– Execution Report by Step/Thread/ Thread duration:  Few more reports for execution timings according to the step and thread.

– Execution Comparison Report:  This report shows the execution duration for the current conversion program as compared to the previous run of data conversion.

– Table Analysis Report: This report show how a particular application table is impacted by the create/alter scripts as well as the data conversion process during the PeopleSoft Upgrade.

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Using the above has definitely helped in reducing the analysis time and also in improving the performance of  the overall execution of the data conversion.

More details regarding the tables that store this information as well as the technical details are available in the Appendix Section – Using Data Conversion Utilities of the Upgrade Documentation for 9.1.

-Charles J

Comments (3)

raj - November 16th, 2010

I am doing the Conversion from 8.9 to 9.1. In 9.1 the Record structure is changed how can i get this data into 9.1. Is there any way to do this. Thanks in Advance.

SUDHEER - August 24th, 2010

you can arrange inorder by setting the sequence numbers on the Portal - > structure and content.

Paritosh - August 20th, 2010

Hi guys..... I have one quetion regarding Menu navigation. Suppose i have 1 folder on left side navigation with name PARITOSH. In this folder i have 30-40 components links. Now the proble is that each time i go to this folder,its difficult to find out a particular component because the are scattered. I want these links to be arrange alphabetically.Any suggetions???

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