Business Objects Administration - Security Rights Migration from SAP BO 3.x and BI 4.x

Posted by Manikandan Elumalai
July 6th, 2012

Hi Readers,

In this blog we are going to see the security rights migration from SAP BO 3.x and BI 4.x and the challenges we could encounter while doing BO content migration from 3.x to 4.x.

This post describes security settings as they correspond to the new interface and functions. The structure of the interface has been redesigned and security settings changed in certain cases. This means that some 3.x security settings are not directly compatible with the new interface. Where equivalents exist, these are used.

This document will guide you in the changes you might need to make when migrating content from 3.x to 4.x. Certain rights have been renamed, others are unaffected, and some rights are not supported in 4.x, and will require unsetting before resaving and migrating those reports.

Below are some of the known general Issues.

  • Rights are not supported in 4.x and exist in 3.x
  • Rights that are renamed in 4.x and exist in 3.x

Let us see each case in detail.

  • Rights are not supported in 4.x

The typical example for this category would be Desktop intelligence application and redesign of      BI launch pad interface.

  • Desktop intelligence

As Desktop Intelligence is removed in 4.x all the corresponding rights are not supported.

  • Interface

In 3.x we are allowed to hide the toolbar based on the user rights. But in case of 4.x it is replaced by toolboxes in which we can disable the individual component.

Some of the rights come under this category:

Right Migration status
Enable drill mode No longer maintained in 4.x
Extend scope of analysis No longer maintained in 4.x
Interactive: General – Ability to hide / show toolbars Toolbar is replaced with toolbox
Enable HTML Report Panel HTML viewer is removed in 4.x
Desktop Intelligence Application level rights Desktop Intelligence Application is removed

How to resolve this?

We need to remove these rights in 3.x before migration so that they will not be migrated to the new version.

  • Rights that are renamed in 4.x

The right “View SQL“in 3.x has been renamed to “Query Script – Enable Viewing” in 4.x.

Similarly below are some of the rights that belong to this category in my knowledge.

Rights in 3.x Rights in 4.x
Create document Documents – enable creation
Data Tracking: Enable for users Data – enable data tracking
Data Tracking: Enable format display changes by users Data – enable formatting of changed data
Edit SQL Query script – enable editing (SQL , MDX…)
Enable Auto save for this user Documents – enable auto save
Enable formula and variable creation Reporting – create formulas and variables
Enable Java Report Panel Interfaces – enable Rich Internet Application
Enable Publish and Manage Document Content for this user (did not exist) Documents – enable publish and manage content as web service
Merge dimensions for synchronization Reporting – enable merged dimensions
View SQL Query script – enable viewing (SQL , MDX…)
Web Intelligence Rich Client : Save a document locally on the file system Desktop interface – save documents locally
Web Intelligence Rich Client: Allow local data providers Desktop Interface – enable local data providers
Web Intelligence Rich Client: Export a document Desktop interface – export documents
Web Intelligence Rich Client: Import a document Desktop interface – import documents
Web Intelligence Rich Client: Install from Info View Desktop interface – install from BI launch pad
Web Intelligence Rich Client: Print a document Desktop interface – print documents
Web Intelligence Rich Client: Remove document security Desktop interface – remove document security
Web Intelligence Rich Client: Save a document for all users Desktop interface – save document for all users
Web Intelligence Rich Client: Send by mail Desktop interface – send by mail

How to overcome this?

We need to remap these rights in 4.x after migration by comparing them against 3.x rights.

  • Special cases

The below rights are added in XI3 SP4 and are not included till 4.0.3.

i.    Import from BI On Demand

ii.   Export to BI On Demand


SAP recommends not to migrate to XI 3.4 or later to BI 4.0.3.x or a previous release as some of the rights that are added in these versions are not replicated in till BI 4.0.3.x.

Hope the post was useful for those considering 4.x migration.

Thanks for reading.

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