Business Intelligence initiatives, what we can do now

Posted by Muneeswara C Pandian
April 22nd, 2009

Recently came across the below illustration which summarizes in a fine way on what organizations can do or do to save cost. It’s a report prepared by Bain & Company.


In the below table have mapped the source of savings with respect to Business Intelligence project initiatives.

Action Type

Business Intelligence Initiative


  • Getting the system into Business control like ad-hoc report generation capability, creating a report catalog etc which can reduce the business team dependency on the BI IT team and hence possibly reduce the BI IT team size

  • Define centralized BI resource management, a COE setup with shared resource model across BI projects. This can also reduce the BI IT team size.


  • Elimination of manual intervention process like automated delivery of error records, scheduled data purge or clean up

  • Look for alternate means of Information delivery to save license cost like moving from desk based tools to web based tools, emailing the reports or to portal


  • Data Mart Consolidation, eliminating unwanted databases

  • Software Consolidation, product standardization, eliminates multiple skill needs and saves in license cost

  • Hardware Consolidation, enable sharing of infrastructure

  • Implementing Packaged Solutions in place of custom solution development

  • Adopt SaaS solutions for areas like HR Analytics

  • Optimize BI project execution process through off shoring

o Setup factory model; independent execution units which can deliver output based on inputs provided. Can be used for the tasks of business support and well defined large data integration projects

o Setup Extension model; a closely monitored and execution unit where the additional team works along in strategic initiatives and design aspects as well

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