Building dashboards using Xcelsius with SharePoint data

Posted by Aparna Sharma
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December 9th, 2010

Do you know – Xcelsius dashboards can be built using SharePoint data?

Xcelsius dashboard built using SharePoint data

Figure 1: Xcelsius dashboard built using SharePoint data


  • Xcelsius for SharePoint server (XSP) installs a web part container into the SharePoint web part library.
  • After installation and configuration, the web part container can be added to the Web Part Gallery within SharePoint and any user with the appropriate rights can add the web part container to a page within the site.

Xcelsius Web connectivity Parameters to use

  • SharePoint Parameter: Used to define parameters or properties in Crystal Xcelsius models that a user can change in the SharePoint environment
  • SharePoint Provider: Used to give data to another Web Part published in SharePoint
  • SharePoint Consumer: Used to get data from another published Web Part in SharePoint (a SharePoint List or another Crystal Xcelsius model)
  • Use the File -> Export -> SharePoint option to generate the .swf file with SharePoint functionality.
  • Once generated, you will be able to add and configure the SharePoint Web Part with the .swf file to publish the model

Building the Dashboard

  • Add the Xcelsius document to the SharePoint document list
  • Copy the shortcut to the uploaded document
  • Go the SharePoint page
  • Click on Modify Shared web part
  • Add a web part
    • From the web part-gallery list select Crystal Xcelsius web-part
    • Use Modify Shared Web Part option
    • In the Xcelsius Visualization source, specify URL (paste the shortcut you copied from the document list) and apply
  • It is possible to customize models Real-time – Change chart type, title etc when defined as SharePoint Parameter
    • Use Modify Shared web part at run time
  • Add a SharePoint List, say “Sample” as a web part in the same page
  • In the Xcelsius web part configuration menu, “connections” option is enabled once a list is added in the page
  • In the connections, specify consume list from “Sample”
  • All SharePoint lists and Providers in the same page will be listed in the connections option.
  • In order for a Xcelsius model to consume data from SharePoint Provider, there should be two models deployed in the same page – one for the provider and one for the consumer
  • The visuals in the swf file with the consumer will change based on the data from the provider once connection is set

Comments (2)

Aparna Sharma - December 15th, 2010

You need not install Xcelsius client on the server. For the Xcelsius dashboard to be able to communicate with sharepoint list data, you need to install the Xcelsius for SharePoint server (XSP) component in the SharePoint server. The XSP component is available for you in the Adds-On folder that is available in the Xcelsius installation CD. If you are using Xelsius 4.5, you need the Workgroup edition. If you are using Xcelsius 2008, you need the Enterprise edition. In the Web connectivity components you would use the SharePoint Consumer to consume data from the SharePoint lists.

Rebecca Middleton - December 10th, 2010

Do you need to be using Xcelsius on the Server that sharepoint is held on to be able to build the dashboards using Sharepoint data ? or can it be installed on your local machine? I have been trying to build an Xcelsius dashboard using data from Sharepoint Lists via the built in web services but had no luck. Maybe this is how I would do it. Rebecca

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