BI Implementation Enabler: Calibration for BI systems

Posted by Karthikeyan Sankaran
December 10th, 2007

In the last 2 posts, we looked at the way Agile Framework can be implemented to manage BI systems. Diagram below is intended to reiterate the process of Agile Framework implementation with its Planning & Execution phases.

Business Implementation Enabler

Having taking care of managing the evolution of enterprise BI systems, the next important aspect of implementation is “How to measure the evolution”? This brings us to the next important enabler – “Calibrating Business Intelligence systems”

What is Calibration?

Calibration = “Measurement” – Can be defined as the alignment of process to certain calibration factors so that the health of the process can be measured with respect to those factors

How is Calibration used in the BI context?

  • Strategic tool to prioritize and align the EDW with the corporate vision
  • Measure the evolution of EDW against pre-set goals
  • Mechanism to identify technology pain areas and take appropriate corrective actions
  • Is a way to objectively communicate the progress of EDW to business stakeholders
  • Helps the DW project manager in tactically planning for the immediate future

There are 3 levels of scorecards developed by Hexaware that helps in measuring the evolution of BI systems implemented using the Agile Framework.

Business Implementation Enabler
Business Implementation Enabler
Business Implementation Enabler

The method of calibration and the usage of Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) are explained in the webinar available at . The title of the webinar is: Agile Framework for Calibrating the Enterprise Data Warehouse.

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