Avoid Several Restarts of Siebel (SWSE) Web Server After Each Build

Posted by Nagarjuna
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February 24th, 2009

When changes made to the browser scripts, customized images, style sheets, help files these files are copied to the respective folders under Siebel root/ Siebel Server/ Webmaster. To synchronize the changes to the web server, The Siebel web server usually restarted.

Restarting the Siebel web servers after each build is tedious task when you have several builds from development to testing or other environments.

Alternatively you can use UpdateWebImages!

UpdateWebImages! Interesting, I will explain step by step below.

Type the below URL in the browser and hit the enter key. That’s it.


Host = The name of the Web server machine.

Port = The Web server listen port (not required if using the default port, 80).

Application = Any Siebel application hosted by this Web server (such as callcenter_enu, sales_enu, and so on).

WebUpdateProtectionKey = The unencrypted version of the Web Update Protection Key, which is defined in the eapps.cfg file by the WebUpdatePassword parameter.

Comments (1)

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