AUTO SAD-Siebel Administration Automation Tool

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July 29th, 2008

Auto Sad is a production support tool that automates and provides a faster mechanism to perform Siebel Administrative Tasks on clicks of some buttons on multiple servers.

Siebel Architecture involves the following Servers

  • Siebel Server
  • Siebel Gateway Name Server
  • Siebel Web Server

These servers may or may not be on the same machine.

As a system administrator, one often has to do repetitive tasks such as

  • Bouncing of Services(Starting or stopping services)
  • Migrating SRF from one location to another
  • Compilation of Siebel Repository File(SRF)
  • Generate Browser Scripts.

To perform these tasks the Siebel Administrator needs to login into each server remotely and then execute them. If there are only a handful of servers, this task may not be very intimidating, but there are many times when there are many servers installed on separate machines. This is where Auto Sad comes into the picture which automates the whole process. Using Auto Sad, a Siebel Administrator can perform all the basic tasks by entering required values in their profile and then by click on buttons those tasks can be performed.

AUTO SAD tool involves various steps such as:

  1. Login through sadmin credentials
  2. Create/Edit Environment Profile
  3. Generate batch Files for individual tasks
  4. Execute Batch Files for the required tasks
  5. Launch Siebel Thin Client

AUTO SAD Siebel Administration Tool

From the above screenshot, it is clear that the various administrative tasks can be performed easily by simply click of buttons thereby facilitating the Siebel administrator to work efficiently.Any organization implementing Siebel can make use of this tool to achieve faster and convenient way to perform Siebel Administrative Tasks thereby saving 30% of the time for deployment process.

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Comments (2)

Raveendra - April 6th, 2009

Hi, How to get this AUTO SAD tool. Its was quite interested. Let me know where to download this tool. thanks raveendra

Process Automation - December 24th, 2008

Cool Stuff All the steps are clearly mentioned. Thanks

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