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Posted by Nitin Pai
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May 21st, 2008
I have a multilingual Database(GER,FRA) and have to apply Maintenance Packs on it.Will just applying Multilingual packs include English also.?

Posted by: MM

Thanks for posting your question!

Applying Application related ML project involves copying of PS project and applying of externals that came with the MP. While copying the project file(s), the relevant languages can be chosen (in this user’s case GER & FRA). Peoplesoft also recommends that English & Common are to be selected as mandatory on top of the existing language selections. Hope this helps.


Rajkumar Sundaramoorthi

Additional Notes:

Applying ML packs will include English which has to be selected along with the languages you wish to choose.

Dear Experts,We got a complaint from user 029372 that when he logged in to application and navigated to PMS he could view data of user 003467 which should not happen.
I see in the logs user 029372 logged in from IP
And then ‘SwitchUser successful. User Id of session is now 003467’There were couple of complains from other user that they could view data of user 003467.
This issue was pertaining to only one location.
At the same time i logged in with user 029372 and it seemed to be fine.
Later on the user logged out and relogin again with clearing system cache it was fine.

How could this be possible ?? This happed to around 3-4 users in that time duration.

I went through the appserver logs could find something interesting and would like someone to explain what exactly the logs suggest and how should i rectify the cause of the issue and prevent it not to happen again.

I see the user 029372 logged in on IP and then user switched and now 003467@

Posted by: RDXHHH

Thanks for posting your question!

Regarding SwitchUser, it is driven by Switchuser Peoplecode Function. SwitchUser builtin function can be used in the Peoplecode to change the current OPRID to some other Oprid. The code might look like below.

If %UserId = “KKRISHNA” Then

If Not SwitchUser(“USRSEN”, “USRSEN”, “”, “”) Then


MessageBox(0, “”, 0, 0, “switch failed-” | %UserId);


MessageBox(0, “”, 0, 0, “switch passed-” | %UserId);




Kannappan K.

Additional Notes:

Is it possible that the developer left behind some code from testing that will switchuser to 003467? Was any code recently migrated to production?

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RDXHHH - May 22nd, 2008

Dear Kannappan, I do not think if any code was moved, however please let me know how can i check if there is any peoplecode with switch user enabled in Production Regards RDXHHH

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