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Posted by Nitin Pai
February 25th, 2009

My client is upgrading from FO 8.4 FS 8.4 HRMS 8.3 to FS 8.9 HRMS 8.9. Current FO 8.4 is going to be part of FS & HRMS 8.9.
How do I get a list of current FO 8.4 tables and its equivalent FS or HRMS 8.9 tables? Appreciate your help.


Thanks for posting your question!

Upgrade data conversion AE should transparently manage transition for the delivered tables. However, if you have customized and want to know the mapping then it is a little cumbersome but here are some approaches.

  • Enable SQL trace on the data conversion AE during the initial move. Search the trace file for tables which you need to map and check for INSERT statements to determine the 8.9 target table.
  • Check for delivered SQR/SQC programs which reference these tables in 8.4 and compare against the 8.9 programs to determine what the target tables will be.

This will need additional functional analysis to confirm the results from the above approaches.

Nitin Pai

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