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July 21st, 2008


In HRMS 8.9 whenever a new person (employee) hired an email is sent to the list people providing information about it.I wanted to know where can i find the list of email so that i can modify the list, so that right people can get an email from Hiring is done.

I really apprciate your help.

– Chandra

Thanks for posting your question!

The Hire Workforce Activity is used to send emails when a new hire happens. The email notification will be sent to the list of people who are all attached to the roles in this activity.

By default, when a Person is hired an e-mail will be sent to the following roles.

§ Benefits Administrator,

§ Payroll Administrator,

§ Training Administrator,

§ Facilities Administrator

§ MIS Administrator

So the list of employees who are all attached to the respective Administrator Role will be notified by email.

The following approaches can be used to customize the Employees to be notified through email:

1. We can add/remove the list of employees who are all attached to that corresponding role.

i) We can attach the appropriate User to the corresponding Roles (PSROLEUSER Table keeps the RoleUser and Rolename Information.)

ii) Make sure the correct Email Address is given in the User Profile Information (PSOPRDEFN Table keeps the Roleuser(Oprid) detail Information)

2. We can directly customize Hire Workforce Activity to add a new Role (or) selected Users to whom the email needs to be sent,

i) Open Hire Workforce Activity

ii) In the Email definition => In the Field Map Section => We can customize the workflow activities to send the email to a new role (or) a selected user (or) a group of users attached to a query to whom the email needs to be sent.


Hariharan Gopal

Kannappan Krishnan

Praveena R.

I need to track whether a new record has been added to personal data or any modification has been made.

Could you please let me know on this

– Vineet Kumar

Thanks for posting your question!

This is achieved by mentioning separate Audit Record for Personal Data Record (we can mention the Audit Record by using Record Audit option present in Record level Properties tab). While specifying the audit record, we also need to mention the Audit actions (Add/Modify/Delete) based on the requirements.


Kannappan Krishnan

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Asha Rao - August 27th, 2008

Hi, When a employee undergoes hiring process in peoplesoft V9.0, does his user profile gets automatically generated? If this is possible, please could you give me the steps to do the same. Thanks in advance. -Asha

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