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Posted by Nitin Pai
February 16th, 2009

We are working on the Billing -> Maintain Bills -> Adjust Entire Bill Page. The page is designed in such a way that once the user selects the credit & rebill option and clicks save both credit and rebill invoices will be generated. We are planning to display the details of the Rebill invoice generated after clicking the save when this option is selected. This will help the user to make any changes that may be required.

Kindly let us know how this can be achieved. We are on FSCM 8.4 and PeopleTools 8.46.05
Also please let us know if there are any pages that has similar functionality.

Please help.

Thanks for posting your question!

When a user clicks on the Save button, the system creates the Credit and Re-Bill invoices. The invoice numbers are populated in the Adjustment Results grid on the Adjust Entire Bill page. In version 9, Ps has provided hyper-links adjacent to the invoice numbers within the Adjustment Results grid. By clicking on the hyper-link, the user will be taken to the Header page of the newly created Credit or Re-Bill invoice. The page will open in Edit mode and the user can make all suitable modifications as required. This functionality should also be available in the delivered version of 8.4 (as per the People Books for 8.4). Below is the screen shot of how the grid looks in version 9:


PS – We did not have access to FSCM 8.4 while compiling this response. If this feature is not available in 8.4 then you can replicate the 9.0 page shown above to get the results.


Raghuraman N

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