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Posted by Nitin Pai
February 13th, 2009


I have a Field “Country” on a page, actually on a subpage.
Main Table: A, Subrecord: CM_ADDRESS_SBR, Subrecord: ADDRESS_SBR
-> A contains CM_ADDRESS_SBR

It has COUNTRY_TBL as the prompt table in the subrecord. It gives the entire 200+ countries. Our users want only the frequently used 10-15 countries to be shown in the list.

I have to clear the dropdown of this country field to add a few frequently used countries.

I tried the 3 ways of below code with the 3 tablenames: (at ADDRESS_SBR.COUNTRY.RowInit)(Have tried at Field Formula also, but no use)
Local Field &FLD_ADDR;

None of them worked. I get the error with the 3 tablenames respectively:
“GetRecord: Record ‘ADDRESS_SBR’ not found in scroll level 0”

So how can I get the field object to clear the dropdown list?

Rama Naidu

Thanks for posting your question!

Take main record in which sub record is present. Sub record doesn’t exists, its only a grouping of fields. Whatever operation has to be performed needs to be done with taking main record in which sub record is present.

You cannot access a subrecord name in peoplecode.

In your case the field Country is present in ADDRESS_SBR and this subrecord is present in CM_ADDRESS_SBR which in turn will belong to a main record in your page. So you need to use the Main record name and the field name (Country) and not the sub record name.


Senthil Theagarajan

Akash Awadhiya

I am facing a problem with the PS Query.
I have created a new Query. Thsi query has Tools tables also. So, I have created a new access group and added all the tables in the query to the group.
And gave the permission of the access group to the
user. I ran the access group refresh process also.
The user still not able to access the PSQuery.
Please let me know if there is any more permission to be given.
Best regards,

Thanks for posting your question!

§ Check Query is “Public”

§ Permission of “Access Group”

§ All tables are part of Tree, along with if any view then all table part of view to be given access.


Akash Awadhiya

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