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Posted by Nitin Pai
February 9th, 2009

I need some help from anyone who has faced/resolve the issue:

We had an AE (EPM 8.9)which runs in DEV & UAT in less than 30 min. But we ran the same AE in PROD it gets hanged forever. Its at particular Steps where a one of the insert (into one PS temp table) SQL fails due to PSTEMP unable to extend. Initially we thought its a PSTEMP space issue.

We had increased by 45GB of Space in PSTEMP totalling 130GB. But still the SQL keep on piling up the PSTEMP and at the end it failed with same error(unable to extend). The select sql behind the insert return the 19 rows in just 2 seconds in PROD. The explain plan for the SQL was not costly just 4 figure. I am now feeling that its due to PS and not database issue.

Can Someone help me out to get the direction fo r troublshooting this or any resolution other than what I mentioned above.

Thanks in Advance. 

Thanks for posting your question!   

Here are some steps you can take to determine the issue.   

– Check the statistics on the tables that are impacted by the SQL. Compare these between your DEV/UAT and PROD instance.

– Check if there are any missing or new indexes on the impacted tables. Compare these between your DEV/UAT and PROD instance.

– Compare the execution plan between the two instances.

– The data between the two environments might also be a factor.

– If possible compare the Oracle db parameters between the two instances.

– Also, verify that the program has no changes between the two environments. Was the program recently modified? When was the last time the program ran successfully without any issues in PROD?    


Nitin Pai



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