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Posted by Nitin Pai
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July 14th, 2008
Hi,This is really a very good blog for peoplesoft information.
I have a question on integration with ariba and peoplesoft.Is it possible to integrate peoplesoft and ariba in terms of page related integration like when i click a link on ariba a PeopleSoft page should be opened and on selecting data on peoplesoft integrates back to ariba.Example :- If i click a requisitions link in Ariba,To select the items for the requisition i need to move to peoplesoft and selecting the items move back to Ariba for creating Requisitions.
Can you tell me is this possible in any way or there is any other peoplesoft delievered tool.
Thanks for posting your question!
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The integration may not be possible at page level. However if you are looking at specific data to be populated in Ariba from PeopleSoft database for specific fields, then you have following options:
1)       Use DB link to get the values of the fields from PeopleSoft database in Ariba.
2)       Use Integration broker to get the data from PeopleSoft in Ariba and vice versa.
Sachin Deshmukh

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Rajesh - August 4th, 2008

Hi PS gurus, How to setup row level security location wise... User should be able to access job data rows of his payroll location. i.e A Customer representative should able to update/view only job rows of employees in his location only. A quick reponse would be appreciated. Regards, Rajesh

Jim Ogletree - July 15th, 2008

I may have posted this incorrectly to Hexaware, so I'll add it here to Ask the Experts-8. Sorry for any confusion. I am running some PL/SQL in an app engine to generate web page files. I'm having great difficulty with the slashes (/). The first line of the file is the typical %execute(/) that lets a series of commands run in one section. But every time I have a slash, even in a quoted string, it ends input and complains of a syntax error, e.g. ...href ='htt p://...' (spaces put in so it doesn't look like html to your form). If I try another character in the %execute() directive, I get an error about illegal character "at or about position 10" which is exactly the spot where I have tried something other than a slash. I got around the problem in a very ugly way by substituting "chr(47)" with appropriate concatenates for each slash, but there are many of them in the code, and now it is both unreadable and unmaintainable. Any help on changing the character from slash to something else or escaping the slashes in the strings would be greatly appreciated.

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