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Posted by Nitin Pai
February 6th, 2009

I would like to know if there’s a kind of functionality in PSGL where we can run allocation ONLY if the balance of the pool is negative. If the balance of the pool is positive, then no additional journals will be created. I am looking for this info as I cannot find any related materials, hence I’m thinking that this is not possible. But someone said it is possible in V9. Appreciate your help. Thanks.


Thanks for posting your question!  

There is no such functionality in delivered versions of PeopleSoft – even in version 9. However, this can be achieved using a minor customization. In version 9 there is a facility to calculate pool amounts at table levels. This functionality can be used to bring all negative balances to a custom table by running a custom process and the Allocation step can refer to this custom table while running the Allocation process. This would satisfy the requirements.


Raghuraman N  



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