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Posted by Nitin Pai
February 4th, 2009

We have a PRD1 PS enviroment and PRD2(copy of PRD1) PS environment.PRD2 gets refreshed every month from PRD1. I would like to create a userid(like PS) in PRD1 with Display Only access to everything and when the PRD2 gets refreshed with PRD1, this ID should have access to everything in Display/update/Correction in PRD2.

How do I do that and where do I need write peoplecode to identify the database name?
Thanks for your help.

Thanks for posting your question!      

§         Create the oprid in PRD1 and provide the desired security (DISPLAY only).

§         Instead of writing PeopleCode create a SQL script to UPDATE PSAUTHITEM to change the permissions. Execute the SQL script after the refresh of PRD2. If the refresh is automated then add this script to the automation.       


Nitin Pai



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