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Posted by Nitin Pai
February 4th, 2009

We are implementing CRM for a Bank. For that we are importing all the Customers, account details and different relationships between them through various AE’s. The AE programs are required to be executed in following sequence;

1. Import Personal Customer Details.
2. Import Non-Personal Customer Details.
3. Import Financial Details.
4. Import Relationship Details.
5. Archive all the Input Files to Backup Folders.
Every AE should start on successful completion of the prior one.
How do we make sure this happens automatically starting 1 AM every night and should complete without human intervention.
A user has been created who just have the access to run these programs. How do we make sure, different Run Control ID’s are created for this user before execution of above mentioned AE’s start using these Run Control ID’s ?
Thanks in Advance.

Thanks for posting your question!

Here is the solution to your issue:

§ Log on using the oprid created to run the job and create all the run control ids using the same name.

§ Create a Job of the application engine to execute serially say ‘Import Bank Data Delta’ (IMPBNKDT). Add the processes in the Process List in the order to be executed.

§ Navigate to Peopletools –> Process Scheduler –> Schedule JobSet Definitions

§ Select “Add a New Value”

§ Select Schedule Name like ‘Import_Bank_Delta_M_F_1AM’

§ Select the Job created above ‘IMPBNKDT’ and click add.

§ On the first page “Schedule Job Set Definition”

§ Give description and select status “Active”

§ Run Control ID and select priority “High”

§ Begin Date(from when to start) and time(when to run) and time zone(eg. CST)

§ Recurrence in case you want it to run daily.

§ Select Server information.

§ Navigate to Schedule JobSet Items

§ Enter the Run Control ID for which you want to execute.

This should resolve your issue.


Gautam Subhedar

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