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Posted by Nitin Pai
January 30th, 2009

My User has a question:
“Why should I run the Report(AE/SQR) using process monitor. Why doesn’t it give the excel file just like that!”

What is the best solution fot it? Especially when the output data is very huge..

I have a few ideas:

1. On First Button PeopleCode: CallAppEngine()
On Second Button PeopleCode: ViewAttachment()

2. On First Button PeopleCode:

3. On a Button: ScrollSelect()
Result data would be populated in a Grid(with “No Auto Select”) based on a view. Then, “Download to Excel”.

Rama Naidu.

Thanks for posting your question!

The reason for executing the process (AE/SQR) on process scheduler is to reduce the load on application server. This will help App. Server to take user load than the processing load.

Alternative solution to the problem can be (taking cue from your suggestion)

a) On the run-control-page provide a “SUBMIT” button.

b) When the user clicks the submit button you can use CallAppEngine() or execute a AE or SQR on process scheduler.

c) You can also provide a link which will

a. Take you to Process Monitor directly or

b. Provide a link to XLS report which got generated.(If the user clicks the link and report is still not generated then you can prompt the user that report is still getting generated).

c. The link value can be taken from PS_CDM_LIST


Gautam Subhedar

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