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Posted by Nitin Pai
January 21st, 2009


Is there any way to copy the list of objects from App Designer (Upgrade View) into an Excel or Word Document?Making the Object Migration Forms and Technical Specification Forms, is a huge mechanical work, when the project is huge.

The huge list of objects (Pages,Components,Records,PeopleCode with Event types etc.) has to be manually typed into an Excel/Word Doc & consumes a lot of time.

Please suggest a solution.


Rama Naidu.

Thanks for posting your question!

Approach 1:

§ Insert all objects into a project

§ Compare project with target environment. In the Compare dialog box click

on Options > Report Options (Tab) > Check “Generate Browser Reports”

§ After compare is completed, you can click on the HTML report and copy paste
the tabular format listing the objects.

Approach 2:

Use below SQL.

select projectname, DECODE(OBJECTTYPE,



‘2’,’Field’ ,

‘3’,’Field Formats’,






‘9’,’Menu People Code’,


’11’,’Tree Structures’,


’13’,’Access Groups’,



’16’,’Business Process Map’,

’17’,’Business Process’,



’20’,’Process Definition’,

’21’, ‘Server Definition’,

’22’ , ‘Process Type Definition’,

’23’,’Job Defination’,

’24’,’Recurrence Definition’,

’25’,’Message Catalog’,


’27’,’Cube Definitions’,

’28’,’Cube Instance Definitions’,

’29’,’Business Interlinks’,


’31’,’File Layout’,

’32’,’Component Interface’,

’33’,’AE Program’,

’34’,’AE Sections’,

’35’,’Message Nodes’,

’36’,’Message Channel’,


’38’,’Approval Rule Set’,

’39’,’Message Peoplecode’,

’40’,’Subscription PeopleCode’,

’41’,’Channel PeopleCode’,

’42’,’Comp Interface People Code’,

’43’, ‘AE Peoplecode’,

’44’,’Page PC’,

’45’,’Page Field PeopleCode’,

’46’,’Component Peoplecode’,

’47’,’Component Record PeopleCode’,

’48’,’Component Record PC’,


’50’,’Style Sheets’,


’52’,’File Reference’,

’53’,’Permission List’,

’54’,’Portal Registry Definition’,

’55’,’Portal Registry’,


’57’,’Application Packages’,

’58’,’Application Package PC’,

’59’,’Portal Registry User homepage’,

’60’,’Problem type definition’,

’61’,’Archieve templates’,

’62’,’XSLT’,’63’,’Portal Registry User Favorite’,



’66’,’Component Interface Property PeopleCode’,

’67’,’Optimization Models’,

’68’,’File Reference’,

’69’,’File Reference Type Codes’,

’70’,’Archive Object Definition’,

’71’,’Archive Template’,

’72’,’Diagnostic Plug-In’,

’73’,’Analytic Models’,


’80’,’Service Operations’,

’81’,’Service Operation Handlers’,

’82’,’Service Operation Versions’,

’83’,’Service Operation Routings’,

’84’,’IB Queues’,

’85’,’XMLP Template Definition’,

’86’,’XMLP Report Definition’,

’87’,’XMLP File Definition’,

’88’,’XMLP Data Source Definition’,objecttype) OBJECT,OBJECTVALUE1||’–>’||OBJECTVALUE2||’–>’


‘Unchanged’,’4′,’*Changed’,’6′,’Same’, SOURCESTATUS)
SOURCE ,DECODE(TARGETSTATUS,’0′,’Unknown’,’1′,’Absent’,’2′,
‘3’,’Unchanged’, ‘4’,’*Changed’,’6′,’Same’,targetstatus) TARGET



,decode(TAKEACTION,’0′,’No’,’1′,’Yes’, takeaction)

COPY from psprojectitem where projectname


Nitin Pai

Gautam Subhedar

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