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Posted by Nitin Pai
January 12th, 2009

On press of prompt we get a search page. On this search page we have one dropdown field with NAME and PERSON_ID as values. Whenever we try to do a search with name field the system logs out.
Through trace file we got the SQL being used to retrieve the value on this search page. Now we need to change this SQL to tune it.
I even tried to capture the adapters being used to create this SQL but whenever i try to generate the trace file with peoplecode properties the trace file does not generate. It generates only if i select SQL properties on tace.

Do we have any configurations for this?
Please help!!!

Thanks for posting your question!

If you are unable to obtain the PeopleCode trace then check out TracePCMask configuration parameter.

Below is the part of the file. If you are using multiple app-servers please make changes in all the corresponding psappsrv.cfg.

; PeopleCode Tracing Bitfield


; Bit       Type of tracing

; —       —————

; 1         – Trace Evaluator instructions  (not recommended)

; 2         – List Evaluator program        (not recommended)

; 4         – Show assignments to variables

; 8         – Show fetched values

; 16        – Show stack

; 64        – Trace start of programs

; 128       – Trace external function calls

; 256       – Trace internal function calls

; 512       – Show parameter values

; 1024      – Show function return value

; 2048      – Trace each statement in program  (recommended)

; Dynamic change allowed for TracePC and TracePCMask




Gautam Subhedar


I am doing an SQR to generate offer letter. I am fetching Designation field from the databse that needs to be printed in bold. I am printing Desg line like this :

#row_no = 5
print ‘Some Text’ (#row_no,1)
print $Designation (#row_no,15) Bold
print ‘More Text on the same line’ (#row_no,35)

The problem that I have faced is when the size of $Designation field is too small there will be big gap after designation & if the size of $Designation field is big then it overlaps with next text.

I can not concatenate the above 3 lines text as I want to print Designation in Bold.

Like Designation there are many fields that i am fetching from the database & needs to be printed in Bold.

Can you please suggest me how should I handle this case or any other logic that can be used.

Thanks for posting your question!

The code needs to be modified as shown below:

#row_no = 5
print ‘Some Text’ (#row_no,1)
print $Designation (#row_no,15) Bold
Let #desg_len = Length($Designation) + 1
print ‘More Text on the same line’ (#row_no, #desg_len)
!print ‘More Text on the same line’ (#row_no,35)


Gautam Subhedar

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