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Posted by Nitin Pai
January 8th, 2009
Thanks for the prompt feedback,
I’m using domodal as below(on a work field.fieldchange on primary page):
DoModal(Page.SY_POLICY_LIST_PG, “Policies”, – 1, – 1, 1, Record.SY_COMPANY_VW, CurrentRowNumber());

And on Secondary page activate i’m fetching through code as below:
&rows = ScrollSelect(1, Record.SY_PLCY_MST_VW1, Record.SY_PLCY_MST_VW1, ” where COMPANY='” | &company | “‘”);

Primary Page Record:(SY_COMPANY_VW)
1. Company – Key

2. Description

Secondary Page Record:(SY_PLCY_MST_VW1)

1. Company – Key
2. Policy Number – Key
3. Policy Description

Can you please explain in detail, how to map keys from primary page to its secondary?
(Also what is the significance of the Secondary Page icon, in this process?)

Rama Naidu.

Thanks for posting your question!

In your case the Primary record (Level 0) SY_COMPANY_VW should have company as the key & search key.

In the secondary page place the SY_PLCY_MST_VW1 record in a grid or scroll. The Company and the Policy Number will be the key & search key for this record then the rows in the secondary page will automatically get fetched depending on the Company value in the primary page no need of the scroll select peoplecode.

The secondary page icon is set to get the return value from the secondary page. When you press the OK or Cancel Button and you need to know – what button is pressed then you need to get the return value which can be fetched only when the icon is present in the primary page? As well most times the values modified/created in secondary page gets lost before save in the primary page, so we need to have the icon in the primary page so that the component buffer process a commit on the whole.

Additional notes:
The record and the row number specified in the domodal function refers to the row number in parent page corresponding to the level 0 row in secondary page. Ensure that company key is available at level zero of the modal page.

Significance of Secondary Page Icon:
If on the primary page, you have a grid and for every row you want to display a button which will open secondary page with the keys of that row, then the secondary page icon can be added to the grid. This way you do not have to write peoplecode exclusively.

Alternatively you can make the company key as a component variable . Before calling the Domodal function assign the company key value to the component variable and access it on the modal page.

Senthil Theagarajan
Sachin Deshmukh

in peoplesoft CRM9, I have a requirement.system should not allow to save a customer without contact.request your help on how to go about this.


Thanks for posting your question!

You will have to modify the code on Saveprechange() of RD_COMPANY_2 component. Example peoplecode:


local &lrowset = getrowset(RECORD.RC_REP_LEVEL1);
IF &lrowset.activerowcount > 1 then
rem donothing as contact is added;
if &lrowset.activerowcount = 1 then

Senthil Theagarajan
Sachin Deshmukh


I have to write a SQR in such a way that it needs to execut either in report mode or in process mode. I have to put a process flag on runcontrol page to choose the mode. If it is Process Mode it just needs to insert a row in JOB, BAS_ACTIVITY table based on some logic. If it is report mode it needs to generate CSV file. Please let me know is there any delivered sqr to look into or guide me how to achieve this task.

Thanks in Advance!

Thanks for posting your question!

You can handle this in the SQR. Select the run control parameters in the SQR and check your process flag value then if it is a process then call the procedure to insert value else call the procedure to write the CSV files.

Alternatively, create separate SQR’s for the process and reports, then in the runcontrol page add a custom run button. In the field change of the run button call the create process request dialog and submit the process manually (by peoplecode) depending on the process flag value.

Senthil Theagarajan

how to pair effective sequence field to effective date in peoplesoft application designer 8.48

The EFFDT and EFFSEQ are already paired in Peoplesoft, you insert these fields in any record and it will be paired. Check out PS_JOB as an example.

Senthil Theagarajan

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