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Posted by Nitin Pai
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January 6th, 2009

Do we need to fetch data using code to populate the grid in a secondary page? Or can it be done by mapping keys from parent page to secondary page? What is the difference between using domodal and using the Destination = Secondary page on button properties?
Rama Naidu.

Thanks for posting your question!

We need not write code to fetch data into a secondary page we need to map the keys that’s it.

The difference between domodal and destination are almost the same except for, if you use domodal then you can hide the default ok, cancel buttons appearing in the secondary page online. This will be helpful if you want to have your  own buttons instead of the ok and cancel buttons in the secondary page then you have to go thru the domodal only in destination secondary page the default buttons will only be seen and cannot be overridden.

As well in case of nested calls of secondary page the destination method will always follow the hierarchy in the call and even do modal will have the same functionality but you have the facility to override the hierarchy and make it return to any page as you like.

Senthil Theagarajan

Comments (3)

Prashant - June 21st, 2010

Hi Senthil, In the post as you have mentioned while using domodal we can hide the default ok, cancel buttons. Is it possible that by default its visible and it can be hide from peoplecode in some perticular cases? Thanks in advance for your guidance. Prashant

R.Sathya Bama - April 16th, 2009

Hi Senthil, In the post as you have mentioned while using domodal we can hide the default ok, cancel buttons. It would be grateful if you could explain how this can be achieved? Thanks, R.Sathya Bama

Rama Naidu K S - January 7th, 2009

Thanks for the prompt feedback, I'm using domodal as below(on a work field.fieldchange on primary page): DoModal(Page.SY_POLICY_LIST_PG, "Policies", - 1, - 1, 1, Record.SY_COMPANY_VW, CurrentRowNumber()); And on Secondary page activate i'm fetching through code as below: ScrollFlush(Record.SY_PLCY_MST_VW1); &rows = ScrollSelect(1, Record.SY_PLCY_MST_VW1, Record.SY_PLCY_MST_VW1, " where COMPANY='" | &company | "'"); Primary Page Record:(SY_COMPANY_VW) 1. Company - Key 2. Description Secondary Page Record:(SY_PLCY_MST_VW1) 1. Company - Key 2. Policy Number - Key 3. Policy Description Can you please explain in detail, how to map keys from primary page to its secondary? (Also what is the significance of the Secondary Page icon, in this process?) Thanks, Rama Naidu.

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