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June 26th, 2008

Hi, We are upgrading from HRMS 8.8 to 9.0. After completing Initial Move, when I run the final Alter Audit, alter script got generated for “Change”. I ran this script during Alters With Deletes, but still Alter Audit is generating same script for “Change”.

Here is the comments section that got generated

*************************************** —

— Alters for record PS_AE_STMT_TBL

— AE_STMT – change


Do you have any idea why is this alter script generated eventhough I ran this script before?? How to suppress alters for “Change”??? We are on SQL Server 2005 and here is the alter script that got generated for above table, please look at the data type of AE_STMT field. Interestingly all the alter scripts that got generated, are for the fields with datatype NVARCHAR(MAX) at DB Level. But in application designer, this field is defined as Long Character of Length 8192

Thanks, MSR.

Thanks for posting your question!

As part of the tools upgrade itself, there would be a section to “Convert database datatypes” that will convert the TEXT SQL datatype to one of these datatypes(VARCHAR, NVARCHAR, VARBINARY(MAX),and VARCHAR(MAX)).

Relevant section in the Upgrade pdf is given below:

Understanding Converting Database Data Types

As of PeopleTools 8.48, new database data types are supported for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or later and Oracle 9i or later. These data type changes are mandatory but only available for use in conjunction with application releases 9.0 or later.

For Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and later, the data types VARCHAR, NVARCHAR, VARBINARY(MAX), and VARCHAR(MAX) are now supported. Databases on Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and earlier will not use these new data types. The data types as defined in Application Designer are not changed; only the database-level definition will be different:

• Records with fields defined as PeopleSoft CHAR(N) will now use VARCHAR(N).

• Records with fields defined as PeopleSoft NCHAR(N) will now use NVARCHAR(N).

• Records with fields defined as PeopleSoft Long Character(N) will now use VARCHAR(N) if N is

<=4000 and VARCHAR(MAX) if N is > 4000 for non-Unicode.

• Records with fields defined as PeopleSoft Long Character(N) will now use NVARCHAR(N) if N is

<=4000 and VARCHAR(MAX) if N is > 4000 for Unicode databases.

• Records with fields defined as PeopleSoft IMAGE will now use VARBINARY(MAX).

Also check the log for this script LONGS-AUDIT.SQL and then take the necessary action.

Thanks & Rgds


Hi; We have just stood up a sandbox for PSoft 8.9 and I see the standard user menus do not display in 2-tier (Compensate Employees, AdminWorkforce) etc. Is there a method to “switch” these on? 3 tier is fine, so I know security access is not an issue. I’m anticipating you will tell me they are gone forever……… Thanks Carol Mitchell

Thanks for posting your question!

Unfortunately, the application menus are only available through PIA (browser) and are no longer available through windows client.

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Mike - September 26th, 2008

Hi We are upgrading from PeopleSoft 8.3 (HR) 8.4 FS, FO to 8.9. The client is using Front Office too (FO). I was told that in 8.9 the Front Office is split into Finance and HR. How do I find out the current FO 8.4 tables and its 8.9 tables?

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